Ethika Blaze Down calzoncillos bóxer

Ethika Blaze Down calzoncillos bóxer

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Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs are a necessity for those who want to be comfortable day in and day out and have that extra boost of support. Zumiez has over 150 styles of the best boxer briefs on the market from the best brands including PSD, Ethika, Stance, Imperial Motion, and many more. Here's all you need to know about boxer briefs and how they are different from boxers or trunk cut briefs. Boxer Briefs vs. Trunk Cut vs. Boxers

Boxer Briefs are the most popular brief style of these three and for good reason. Boxer briefs provide the most support and are often favored by active individuals. The longer length prevents chaffing from shorts and jeans while ensuring that the brief doesn't ride up into your groin area.

Boxers while once wildly popular have taken a back seat to boxer briefs as boxers provide absolutely no support. The lightweight fabric of a boxer is often bunched into the pant legs of those wearing a slimmer fitting jean. It is for this reason why many slim fitting jean wears switched to a boxer brief.

A trunk cut is a hybrid of a brief and boxer brief with a shorter leg or out-seam. If you are considering trunks you may want to think again. Here's why...the trunk cut boxer brief is a great idea for getting a tan or the leisure life. However, the trunk cut leg or out-seam often sits on the slimmest part of the quad which naturally want to retreat up your leg. This means active individuals will have to pull down their trunk cut briefs periodically or face a painful bunching experience around the family jewels.