Acid Chemical Co.

Acid Chemical Co. was formed to bring premium quality products and innovative thinking to the urethane market. After many years of research and development, the formulations of the best materials available were created. These materials are made with the expertise of years of experience - starting in the 70's - in the pouring, cutting and printing of wheels. With the direction and guidance of top chemists we have been able to create a product that is superior.

John Falahee, the force behind the creation of Acid Chemical Co., began working in the wheel market in 1978. He worked under the guidance and mentorship of expert chemists creating the GYRO Hub Wheel - a cutting edge wheel for its time. In the years to follow, John became immersed in the skateboard market, working with some of the top pros in the industry including Tony Alva and Mark Gonzales. His interest in producing urethane wheels grew until he eventually started Acid Chemical Co. His research, dedication and plain-old hard work, has produced a product that is appreciated by skaters world-wide.

Everything is skater tested and approved. We are constantly testing for that ‘skater feel' which comes from a passion for pushing, whether it is transition, ditch, street, downhill or pool. We will continue our skater-tested r&d process as we are driven to produce the finest product for an ever-changing terrain. All our urethane is cast in our facility in Oceanside, California.