Airblaster was born out of a necessity to put the fun back into Snowboarding by 3 friends and snowboarders, Jesse Grandkoski, Paul Miller, and Travis Parker. It was first created in a basement under the foundations of Fun, Freedom, and Friends. Today, Airblaster is a leading name in the Snowboarding community creating cutting edge and innovative gear to protect you from the elements and while maintaining their emphasis on Fun, Freedom, and Friends.

They create a wide range of products ranging from casual wear to high tech and highly functional outerwear for snowboarding like their line of Ninja Suits. Creative expression and a deep passion for snowboarding has helped Airblaster climb the snowboard ranks and solidify them as a major name in snowboarding. Airblaster products are proudly carried at Zumiez like the more casual line of S. Layer items designed for street wear like the Airblaster Breakwinder Snowboard Jacket. For more winter oriented designs Zumiez also carries the Airblaster Winter Collection featuring the Airblaster ABBC Tie Dye 15K Snowboard Jacket and the Airblaster Freedom 10K Snowboard Pants. No matter your skill level or riding needs Zumiez and Airblaster have got you covered with fun and highly technical gear.