Practicality meets action sports when you where a facemask that is actually meant for snowboarding. Combining simple innovation, function and fashion, Airhole specially designs their facemasks for those on the mountain who call themselves stylish and love to shred for hours on end. Their facemasks feature a sturdy weather resistant shell exterior to help protect your skin and face from the elements, while the inside is lined with a soft material to help keep your face warm, cozy and frostbite free. Their patented injected grommet breathing hole that is not only more hygienic than the standard facemask but it will also keep you breathing easy no matter what mother nature has in store, so the next time you are shredding some deep pow or getting ready to take that gnarly drop you wonít be gasping for air or chiseling ice off your facial hair. Seems like a simple concept right? Well that's probably because the Airhole Facemask company was founded by professional snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown who came up with the idea on a snowmobiling trip when they asked one another why their bandanas didnít have a hole to breathe or drink through. They decided it was time to bring something new to the snowboarding industry for serious riders to buy, shortly after that trip the Canadian based company Airhole was created. What started with two guys, an idea, and a sewing machine has turned into a successful international company producing some of the best and most unique facemasks that you can buy. They now offer a variety of styles of facemasks to get including bandanas, tie ups, standards 1 and 2, airtubes, scarfholes and balaclavas, along with a crazy selection of graphics and prints so you can snag a unique facemask to go with your unique personality. When these men's say they are bringing fashion to your face, they arenít kidding! There is no limitation on self expression with these bad boys, and why should there be? You shouldn't have to substitute style for function when buying a facemask. Zumiez carries the best assortment of facemasks including the animal series: lion, shark, and the x-ray series facemasks. So get yourself a new facemask today and keep your face warm and ventilated on the slopes with "The Best Facemasks In The World."