Circa Shoes (often stylized C1RCA or C1rca, pronounced "circa") was originally founded in 1999 and boasted one of the most elite skateboarding teams at the time. Today, Circa Shoes continues to specialize in the production of high-quality skateboarding shoes, apparel, and accessories, made for everyone from the top pros to those stepping on a board for the first time. Circa Shoes still has an amazing team of professional and amateur skateboarders that travel the globe in search of epic skate spots and righteous skateboard parks, while representing the Circa line of skateboarding shoes, apparel, and accessories. The current team consists of veteran pros David Gravette, Ryan Gallant, Emmanuel Guzman, Adrian Lopez, Sierra Fellers, and rookie pro Ryan Walker along with C1rca ams David Reyes and Windsor James.

Circa Shoes offer a line of stylish, technical, completely comfortably skateable shoes, and Zumiez is the place to shop Circa.