Capita Space Metal Fantasy

Now presenting, the queen of the jib scene, the ruler of rails, the slayer of gaps aka the Capita Spacemental Fantasy Yea it might be it's butter-licious true-twin Urban FK dual reverse camber design that makes this board so jib friendly, but then again, it might also be due to some of its bonus features like: It's ultra lightweight and soft flexing WDT Engineered Jib core that ads a damp ride and dependable durability, it's 360 Degree Steel Edges that help keep you in control and add additional enhanced durability were you need it most, it's Flat Kick tip and tail arch technology that tightens the profile radius for a more controlled pace and turns, or it's Silkcreened ABS Bomb Proof Sidewalls. Regardless, the 2012 Capita Spacemental Fantasy FK women's snowboard is gonna keep things stable at high speeds, move quick from edge to edge, and keep things jib friendly weather your in the streets or in the trees. Ladies take note, this could be your new BFF. A 2012 Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood Award Winning Snowboard.