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Zapatos DVS

DVS Skate Shoes
DVS Shoes

DVS Shoes is influenced by the personalities and styles of it's team riders, encompassing a diverse line of quality products with attention to detail for the individual needs of skateboarders worldwide.

With some of the most dominant riders in action sports today like Daewon Song, Kerry Getz, Steve Berra and Jereme Rogers, the DVS team puts all of their products to the ultimate test. With Technology such as Bruise ControlTM cushioning systems, ECOTRUETM materials which are 100% recyclable and CGTTM which allows riders to maintain grip in the coldest of climates, DVS creates premium footwear, apparel and accessories for all board sports.

DVS continues to drive the market and improve all aspects of skateboarding, snowboarding and surf. They have gone beyond making a mark and will continue to push the limits of action sports. DVS Shoes - In the skateboard tradition since 1995.