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Findlay Hats

Built for good times, Findlay Hats fuse together fashion and function. All hats feature the patent pending "Stampede Lace" that is customizable, interchangeable as well as functional. In addition to accenting the hat unlike other styles on the market, the lace doubles as a chin strap to keep it on your head for almost anything and everything. Pair that with the hidden stash pocket and you have all your headwear and style needs covered.

The idea for Findlay Hats started in 2004 when founder Jimmy Findlay lost his favorite hat while rafting the Toutle River. On his next trip, he fabricated his own design using the laces from his shoes and some tape, resulting in the first ever "Findlay Hat". Fast forward to December of 2013 and the official brand Findlay Hats was born.

Currently based out of a garage in Portland, Oregon, Findlay hats are hand made and modified in house so you know that with each hat and style you are getting something authentic and genuine.