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GoPro Hero6 with Quik Stories

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When Founder and CEO Nick Woodman came up with the idea for GoPro, he never imagined that a little wrist camera would one day turn into what it is today for so many people across the world. Nick started his digital video camera operation out of his 1970s Volkwagon bus while surfing the California coast and developing ideas for the Hero model.

According to Nick, the idea behind the camera was to make it easy to capture insane high-definition video of the most exciting moments of your life. Nick and his team have developed a way for atheletes and action sport enthusiasts to capture video of themselves rather than having another person shoot them and thought of the idea of a full-wearable action camera that makes it possible for the world to document, share, and communicate the most insane events of their lives with one another. This not only makes it easier to catch the footage that possibly no one else is around to see, but also gives that amazing first person point-of-view, or a close up shot of the rider with an amazing background.

Whether you're surfing, skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, drifting, skydiving, base jumping, kayaking, or skateboarding, the camera can mount to you or to your equipment and document your life's exciting adventures.