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Hoonigan Parc Ferme gorra negra

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The Story of Hoonigan

Ken Block not only started Hoonigan, he defines it. Known best for his antics behind the wheel, Block entered the world of motorsport in 2005 looking to achieve his personal dream of racing in rally—and achieve, he did. From the national level to the World Rally Championship, Block has now done it all in rally. But what makes this Hoonigan stand out from the rest of the pack is his flat-out, usually sideways, bat-shit driving style. His wildly successful Gymkhana videos display this best and, subsequently, are the largest viral-video project in the automotive space, having garnered more than 160 million views in total and counting. Before Block broke the Internets with his penchant for tire slaying, he cofounded and ran DC Shoes, one of the largest action-sports apparel companies. Today he continues to hoon… Every. Damn. Day.

Brian Scotto is Hoonigan's CBO, aka the brand dude. Before risking life and limb to aid in Mr. Block's quest for viral dominance, Scotto paid the bills as a professional raconteur (look it up). He founded 0-60 magazine, a critically acclaimed automotive publication that set out not to suck, and to break all the rules in the process. In late 2009, Scotto stepped down as 0-60's Editor-in-Chief, leaving his eight-year tenure in print journalism to help Ken Block launch the Monster World Rally Team. Scotto met Block back in 2005, having similar interests in hooning cars and slaying tires. The two began to work together on many projects, including the entire Gymkhana series. You may have even seen Scotto in the streets, unfolding his giant 6'8" frame out of his RWBxHNGN 911. You can hate on him for that, but he ain't care.