What started as two friends with a common interested in longboarding eventually grew into a brand that would forever revolutionize the design and focus of longboard skateboards. It all began in 1997 when Vancouver, Canada locals Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand teamed up together and decided to build their own skateboards, thus creating Landyachtz Longboards. After ditching their jobs, Tom and Mike decided to put their entire focus into the design and creation of Landyachtz Longboards.

Eager to produce a new board that was better than any of the existing boards on the market, Tom and Mike created countless prototypes, constantly testing them down some of the most gnarly hills in British Columbia. Through their trials and errors, they created a new prototype that features a lowered skateboard with the trucks mounted above the foot platform.It was during this same time that a guy by the name Jody Wilcock was making similar designs with the lowered skateboards. Fast forward a few years and the crew of Landyachtz teamed up with Jody to produce the DH Race and Urban Assault models. These two boards were the first of their kind and showed the world the advantages of the lowered skateboard design.

As Landyachts continued to grow, they had to move around from garages to sheds in search of a place they could assemble their new designs. Despite the lack of a high tech facility that most board companies had, Landyachtz was still able to produce extremely innovative boards thanks to their creativity and relentless testing. After moving around, Landyachtz Longboards eventually found its way to a factory on the Northshore of Vancouver, home to some of the best longboarding in the world. The steep and demanding terrain proved to be important in the making of Landyachts, driving the designs and product to optimum durability and performance.

In 2001 Mike and Tom met a super energetic rider by the name Bricin Lyons, aka Striker. Brcicin was in serious need of a sponsor, so Landyachtz decided to sponsor him, and eventually grew their team with some of the most heavy hitting names in the industry. Through their involvement with racing and sponsoring riders, Landyachtz Longboards was able to produce top of the line and innovative products that perform at the highest level.

Fueled by a passion for skateboarding and longboarding, Landyachtz Longboards has always had a goal in mind to make the best boards on the market through durable products and innovative designs... and this is still their goal to this day.