Lib Tech

Lib Tech (otherwise known as Lib Technologies) is based in Sequim, WA. Lib Tech have been leaders in the race to make the best technology snowboards since their inception. The creation of Lib Tech's Magne-Traction technology and Banana technology were both major leaps away from orthodox snowboard design, and have set a place for Lib Tech in the evolution of the modern snowboard.

Lib Tech are also known to be a leader in environmental sustainability in the snowboard industry. All the way back in 1986, Lib Tech replaced ABS plastic with recyclable polyethylene, and in 1995 introduced sustainable polymer topsheets and bamboo cores.

For environmentally-friendly snowboards in the smartest snowboard technology, Lib Tech snowboards are where it's at, and Zumiez is the place to shop Lib Tech, carrying a huge selection of Lib Tech snowboards, wax, tees, and more.