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Mercer Cruisers

Mercer Skateboards and skateboard accessories are available only at Zumiez, your place for Mercer skateboard decks, Mercer Cruisers, Mercer longboards, Mercer skateboard wheels, Mercer Skateboard trucks, and Mercer longboard completes. Mercer makes longboards and longboard components including wheels, slider boards, and cruiser completes for your hill bombing or freestyle pleasure. With the most modern shapes, construction, and styles of longboards Mercer is sure to have a set up for you. Mercer Longboards uses fiberglass, wood, and bamboo to make their longboard decks each giving a unique ride from a more rigid to a loose feeling ride. With a choice of a drop through longboard, pintail skateboard, or a standard longboard shape Mercer has a longboard for your unique riding style from those that are made for speed to those made for carving or sliding. The Mercer longboard wheels are made of high quality urethane that will grip the road and give your longboard a smooth ride no matter what type of lonboarding you are doing. If you are looking for a campus cruiser, big hill bomber, slider, or longboard wheels & truck then Mercer skateboards are your choice for longboards at Zumiez.