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Nike Lunarlon

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Nike Lunarlon

Imagine how comforting it would be to land on marshmallows every time you bailed on some stairs or a gap while skateboarding. Pure bliss for the soles of your feet is what comes to mind, which is the exact idea behind Nike Lunarlon insole technology.

The Nike Lunarlon foam cushioning technology system was inspired by watching astronauts bounce on the moon as if they were on a bed of marshmallows, providing the feet with pillow-like padding. Nike wanted to give skateboarders that same soft and cushy (weightless, perchance?) feeling, without having to, you know, travel to the moon.

The secret behind Nike Lunarlon is that the soft foam allows the force from high-impact landings and bails to be evenly distributed over a larger portion of the foot. This helps to reduce heel bruising and hot spots, while providing excellent protection to pressure points and the smaller, more delicate bones in the foot. This allows the skater to maintain optimal board feel and control while simultaneously offering supreme protection for hitting big drops or taking bails.

On top of the added performance cushioning technology, Nike Lunarlon foam is 30% lighter (whoo hoo!) than the standard phylon foam that is most commonly used for shoes, making Nike Lunarlon ideal for a skateboarder who wants to keep their gear as lightweight as possible (and don't we all).

Nike Lunarlon: the moon is in its name, the moon is in its feel. Shop Nike Lunarlon technology shoes at Zumiez, carrying Nike shoes decked out with Lunarlon from both Nike 6.0 and Nike SB.

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