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Nixon Speakers

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Nixon Speakers

What? A reputable watch brand making a speaker? Yup, that's right, and Nixon is killing the game! These Nixon blaster speakers are mind blowing, or better yet, ear blowing! The sweet, crisp sound that comes from these little beauties is impressive to say the least! Nixon says it best: "What hides inside is bound to surprise. Amplify your life with clear, crisp sound, Bluetooth technology and distinctive design." Not only does the Nixon Blaster speaker sound impeccable, it is durable and versatile. The exterior is built to endure the harsh environment that water, sand and shock can initiate. The Nixon Blaster is also equipped with a Bluetooth with 33ft wireless range, a sweet way to enjoy your music without those pesky, annoying cords. The compact Nixon Blaster speaker is a compact way to make your music portable with the dimensions of 21.85 x 9.5 x 4.5cm. Along with the small size, this Nixon Blaster speaker only weighs 525g or just over 1 lb. making it lightweight and easy to throw in your bag and go! Once again, Nixon has taken something they wanted to improve upon and made it their own. This unique speaker that they have so perfectly named the Nixon Blaster speaker is their answer, blast your music and be heard people!