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Trajes de baño Rip Curl y ropa Rip Curl

Women's Ripcurl Swim
Rip Curl SurfORama Bralette Bikini Top
Rip Curl SurfORama Bralette Bikini Top
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Rip Curl

Originating out of Australia, Doug "Claw" Warbrick and Brian Singer took surfing to a new level with the creation of Rip Curl. In 1969, after the revolution of the "short board", Rip Curl produced surfboards for local surfers like Gordon Woods, Barry Bennett, and George Rice. By 1970, the two saw the need for something more. They turned their focus to not only making quality surfcrafts, but now wetsuits to endure the harsh temperatures of the Australian waves.

Now, Rip Curl has a grasp on more than just boards and wetsuits. Zumiez is proud of offer a selection of Rip Curl swimwear. With their roots grounded in surf culture, they provides beach lovers with high quality, stylish swim suits. With a sporty twist and tasty designs, Rip Curl takes over the waves with a rich history and devoted surf community.