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San Clemente Skateboards

San Clemente Longboards is a factory owned brand that offers high-quality longboards made right here in the USA. Zumiez offers a wide assortment of San Clemente longboards and prodcuts for your longboarding or cruising pleasure. From classic pintail shapes to drop-through designs, you'll be sure to find the right board shape for your style of riding. Hop on one of the Everything Drains series drop through longboard complete for a ride that is ready to go right out of the box and is best suited for maximum carving or the Paddle Out Pintail deck that is perfect for bombing massive hills at high speed. Aside from high-quality longboard completes and decks San Clemente offers skateboard wheels for a longboard or cruiser that feature a high-quality urethane construction that is both quiet and insanely smooth. San Clemente Longboards is dedicated to creating the best possible product for the cheapest possible price so that you won't have to break the bank every time you want a new longboard.

ZUmiez proudly offers a wide assortment of San Clemente longboards, cruisers, wheels and longboard decks so that your downhill bombing or carvings sessions will never have to go interrupted.