Smith Optics and Smith Goggles

Smith Optics burst onto the scene in 1965 with the first goggle with a sealed thermal lens and vent foam. Smith has now established themselves as the standard of premium eyewear and goggles in the action sports industry, by pioneering new cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the game.

Some new Smith goggle innovations include Fog-X anti-fog coating, PMT lens ventilation system, and the Ocular Docking System, which allows you to insert prescription lenses into your sunglasses.

Along with groundbreaking technology and style, Smith has also amassed a prolific team of pro riders in multiple sports, including snowboarders Scotty Lago, Austin Smith, and Scott Stevens, as well as motocross superstar Travis Pastrana.

Zumiez proudly carries a wide range of Smith Optics products to help improve your ride, including the Smith Gage Matte Black 2014 Snowboard Helmet for protection or the technical beast of the Smith IO Recon 2014 GPS & HUD Snowboard Goggles that is loaded with some of Smith's most advanced features; further proving that Smith is always ahead of the game. Check out Smith goggles and other Smith Optics products at Zumiez today!