Supra TUF

SupraTuf Suede technology is the new wave in what reigns supreme throughout the skate shoe industry in terms of good looks, comfort, durability, skateability, and weather resistant materials. SupraTuf Suede offers an exceptional water resistant construction that is not only easier to clean than your standard suede, but is ideal for anyone who needs a little extra from their footwear when it comes to beating the fight against a grimey, rainy, or snowy environment. As far as skateability is concerned, SupraTuf suede will last longer than the rest and is tested via the Taber Abrasion Meter. When most suede shoes last 25-40 cycles on the abrasion meter SupraTuf Suede lasts nearly 200 cycles, providing a tough-as-nails attitude in the world of skate shoes. There's a reason legendary pro skater Chad Muska said "In 20 years of skating, I've never had the upper outlast the rubber outsole... until I skated SupraTuf suede". In addition to this, SupraTuf Suede offers a superior fit and better breathability when compared to shoes made of standard suede or synthetic materials, so your feet will be ready and willing for whatever session comes next.