Swallows & Daggers

Founded in 2009 by Cian Mac an tSaoir in rural Ireland, Swallows & Daggers is a premier lifestyle brand that seeks to respect tradition while bringing fresh and new ideas to the fashion industry.

Swallows and Daggers got their start by documenting classic American tattooing and sharing tattoo culture on their website and blog. As the S&D site started gaining traction and popularity, Swallows and Daggers began publishing a physical magazine followed by a line of apparel that featured exclusive collaborations with artists like Matty D’Arienzo and Simon Erl. All of Swallows & Daggers clothing showcase classic tattoo inspired graphics, prints and art.

Staying true to the culture and influences that shaped the brand, S&D has since evolved from their humble beginnings in Ireland to something much greater. Swallows and Daggers have held their tradition while carving new paths, building and expanding their culture to a global audience.