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Vans Off the Wall Shoes

Check out the shoes from the Vans OTW collection at Zumiez. The Vans OTW collection are shoes defined by the cultural melting pot of action sports, art, music, design, and authentic street fashion. As with pretty much all Vans shoes, the Vans OTW collection is inspired largely by skate culture, but tend to be slightly less geared directly towards skateboarding and more towards either dressier or more urban-styled shoes. In other words, the Vans OTW collection are perfect for a skateboarder who may not be skateboarding at the moment... maybe just out. A bit dressed up. Vans OTW shoes are premium built, made-to-last, fashion-forward, and skater friendly. Zumiez is the place to be for the Vans OTW Collection and all Vans Shoes.

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