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Casual Industrees and Zumiez In-Store Event

Get an exclusive Casual Industrees shirt hot off the press! Casual Industrees is representing the Pacific Northwest by bringing their garage production screen print setup to the Zumiez store in Tacoma.

* Pre-pay for this event at the Tacoma Mall Zumiez, and the Casual crew will let you choose your tee color, size, and exclusive screen print graphic from their collection.** They will screen print for you right there in the store on the day of the event, creating your very own custom Casual Industrees tee.*** There will also be giveaways and fun from Zumiez and Casual Industrees. Come hang with the crew!

Saturday, April 14th from 1-5pm, Tacoma Mall, WA,
For more information call Zumiez (253) 473-0902

* Event currently scheduled, subject to change without notice.
** Must show Zumiez receipt for blank tee pre-pay purchase on day of event to participate
*** Screen print shirts and graphics are limited and not guaranteed

Created in the winter of 1998-99 at Mt. Baker, Casual Industrees was funded with a damage deposit from their rental house on the Mt. Baker highway. Run out of a house and made in a garage, the 'multi-hundred' dollar company was born. As an ad hoc clothing experiment, they collaborate to come up with lifestyle-driven graphics without overbranding.

Today, Casual Industrees continues to create in-house (literally) and sells in various core shops across the states. Many Casual shirt graphics are inspired by their love of the Northwest lifestyle and their support of snowboarding, rain, and Seattle culture.

Shop Zumiez selection of Casual Industrees tees, hoodies and more.

Casual Industrees and Zumiez In-Store Event