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Pantalones chinos

Chino Pants
Men's Chino Pants

Chino pants are made with a twill fabric that is traditionally lighter than standard khaki pants. First developed for soldiers, chino pants have now become a fashion staple with distinguishing characteristics like a streamlined design with fewer pockets and flat fronts compared to their pleated khaki counterpart. Today, chino pants have become widely popular due to their versatility to be worn at just about any occasion ranging from formal events to casual evening wear.

Zumiez proudly carries chino pants in numerous colors from tons of different brands each with their own unique fit, features, and construction. The Volcom Faceted Khaki Slim Fit Chino Pants and Free World Drifter Khaki Stay Press Slim Fit Chino Pants are both great examples of classic chino styles with modern updates like a pre-laundered treatment for a softer feel and a Stay Press design to get rid of wrinkles. Chino Pants have come a long way since their introduction and continue to pick up steam in the fashion community. Head over to Zumiez today to cop yourself the classic and timeless look of chino pants.