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Bastien Salabanzi

Bastien Salabanzi


Bastien Salabanzi is a professional skateboarder with a colorful past and undeniable talent. Making his debut skating competitions and moving to the US, Bastien Salabanzi has also had some notable roles in Flip Skateboards films such as "Sorry" and "Really Sorry". Known for his flawless Caballerial kickflip tricks Bastien Salabanzi has skated for teams like Flip Skateboards, Jart Skateboards, Jart Apparel and more, and is currently sponsored by Theeve Trucks, Dixi Five and more.

From Toulon, France Bastien Salabanzi started skateboarding when he was 8 years old. By the time he was 11 Bastien Salabanzi was already dominating contests and had won his first trip to America to compete in the Vans Warped tour where he came in second place. In his early days as a competitive skateboarder Bastien Salabanzi was winning just about every contest he did, including four wins at the Globe World Championships and a win at the Tampa Pro. By the time Bastien Salabanzi was 15 he starred in a breakout role with sponsor Flip Skateboards in their film “Sorry” followed by Flip Skateboard’s “Really Sorry” and Lordz’s “They Don’t Give A F#&k About Us”. In 2004 Bastien Salabanzi placed third at the X Games taking home the bronze medal for street skateboarding. With a rapidly growing career it came as a surprise to all in 2006 when Bastien Salabanzi left his American sponsors and returned home to France, falling off the skateboard grid for a few years.

Several years after leaving America Bastien Salabanzi started to return to skateboarding, participating in competitions in Europe and joining sponsors like Jart Skateboards. In 2012 Bastien Salabanzi was one of 15 European professionals selected to compete in the Selection contest held by Street League where professionals submit footage of them skateboarding at a chance to compete, with the winner voted by fans. Bastien Salabanzi’s video was the most popular landing him a spot in the 2012 Street League. Upon returning to the states to compete in the third ever Street League, Bastien Salabanzi took second place in the Kansas City stop, placing 7th overall.

Despite a fallout with sponsors at the height of his career Bastien Salabanzi has made a astounding comeback with his invitation and Selection video landing him a spot in Street League. With notable roles in films such as Flip Skateboard’s “Sorry” and “Really Sorry” and his performances in contests Bastien Salabanzi continues to show undeniable talent and a unique style, while always remaining true to himself and his roots.


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