Ishod Wair

Professional skateboarder Ishod Wair is exploding onto the scene with undeniable talent and consistency. His effortless skills have landed him on teams such as Real Skateboards, Nike SB, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Fourstar Clothing and more as well as a spot in the third ever Street League. Having dominated competitions as an amateur Ishod Wair was quick to turn pro and became one of the most popular rookie skateboarders making appearences on the Berrics website and skating in international contests.

From Hamilton, New Jersey, a short ways away from Philly, Ishod Wair got his start skateboarding as a kid when he saw it on TV and asked his mom for a skateboard. Since his childhood days Ishod Wair has progressed continually evolving his skills as a skateboarder. In 2008 Ishod Wair began competing in Amateur Contests such as the Tampa Am, and by 2010 he was sweeping the leader boards and winning some of the most well known amateur events. In 2011 Ishod Wair won the Maloof Money Cup Skateboarding World Championship in South Africa. Following his success in the competition circuit Ishod Wair turned pro for Real Skateboards and had his debut role in Real Skateboard’s “Since Day One”.

Having had a successful year joining with teams like Real Skateboards and Nike SB, Ishod Wair was one of the professionals invited to compete in the Street League Selection contest, where ten skateboarders submit footage voted on by fans for a chance to compete in the 2012 Street League. With only five spots available for the taking Ishod Wair’s Selection video landed him a spot in Street League, where he competed the first three stops but wasn’t able to place high enough to earn a spot in the championships, placing 14th overall. Ishod Wair has also been frequented the Berrics website featuring video clips as well as competed in the Battle at the Berrics, where this year he was beat out for the final Battle placing fourth.

As one of the most talked about rookie skateboarders, Ishod Wair is dominating the spotlight and taking the skateboarding world by storm. Representing names like Real Skateboards, Nike SB, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Fourstar Clothing and more Ishod Wair also features his own signature line of Real skateboard decks. Whether his is competing in Street League or starring in a major video role Ishod Wair is a skateboarding powerhouse who is only just getting started.