Joe Sexton

Some know him as the guy who rocks the skinny pants, others know him as the guy with the temper of a hockey player, but Joe Sexton is a well rounded snowboarder mostly known for pushing the limits on streetstyle snowboarding and his ability to ride just about any and every feature. Joe Sexton is sponsored by ThirtyTwo Boots and Outwear, Etnies Shoes and Apparel, Stepchild Snowboards, Nixon and more as well as features his own signature line of ThirtyTwo snowboard boots and Stepchild snowboard.

Born in 1987 in Apple Valley, Minnesota, Joe Sexton got his start in snowboarding as a child from his “frenemy” neighbor. Having tried around twenty different sports throughout his childhood, snowboarding quickly became the focus of his life. Starting out as an amateur rider, Joe Sexton turned professional in 2010. Prior to becoming a professional, Joe Sexted starred in his breakout role in the film “Child Support” in 2007 then in the following year was nominated for Transworld’s Readers Choice Award in 2008. Having been in seven different roles, Joe Sexton's most recent role was the end part in People Crew's "Cheer" where tempers fly and there is no shortage of talent as he takes on some giant rails.

Focusing on the street aspect of snowboarding Joe Sexton has veered away from the competition circuit focusing more on his films. Joe Sexton featured a video in the X 15 Games Real Snow, modeled after Real Skate, the X Games Real Snow competition has selected professionals submit a 60 second video voted by fans to win an X Games Gold medal. Though he did not place in the event, Joe Sexton continues to throw down in all of his roles. Outside of filming and riding, Joe and his friends started website called House of 1817. Named after the address of a former house of riders including Joe Sexton, House of 1817 is a website and blog that posts media and news regarding snowboarding and sponsors well known names. Joe Sexton has also worked alongside sponsors ThirtyTwo and Stepchild to produce his own signature series boots and snowboards. The signature ThirtyTwo Maven boots were designed to be lightweight and less bulky, making them perfect for riding park.

Whether he is shredding rails in the middle of a city, or getting big air of a giant kicker in the backcountry, Joe Sexton is a snowboarder with an insane style. Sponsored by names like ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Stepchild, Nixon and more, Joe Sexton features has also co-founded House of 1817. Bringing snowboarding to the streets with creativity and innovation, Joe Sexton is a snowboarder with a lot more to come in the future.