Leo Romero

As a complete master of hand rails and big sets of stairs, Leo Romero is a professional skateboarder who charges everything with speed and power, and has even been known to grind up rails. Sponsored by , , , and more Leo Romero also has is own series of pro model Toy Machine skateboard decks and signature Emerica skateboarding shoe. Throughout his career Leo Romero has achieved a list of impressive accomplishments, from prestigious awards, to memorable roles all the way to frequenting magazines, making him a favorite among the crowd.

Born in 1986 Leo Romero was raised in Fontana, California. He grew up skateboarding with a group of friends called the “Death Junkies”, and was influenced by watching pro skateboarders like Andrew Reynolds and Jamie Thomas. Fast forward several years and now Leo Romero is in league with his influences and is currently a fellow Emerica teammate with Andrew Reynolds. Prior to joining Emerica, Leo Romero was sponsored by Baker Skateboards but didn't feel that it was the right fit. Focusing most of his time on filming and traveling with sponsors Emerica and Toy Machine, Leo Romero has had noteworthy roles in a variety of films such as Transworld Magazine’s “First Love”, Foundation’s “That’s Life” and Emerica’s “Stay Gold” and “This is Skateboarding”.

Though Leo Romero doesn’t generally focus on the competition circuit, he has been known to compete in the X Games. Leo Romero skated in the street section of the X Games in 2006 and 2008, and both years finished in the middle of the rankings. In 2010 Leo Romero was one of the pros selected to compete in the video contest of the X Games called Real Street, where skateboarders submit a 60 second video, voted on by fans and judges for a chance at a gold medal. In Leo’s Real Street part he focused on his strengths, handrails and stairs, but did not make it to the finals. In the same year Leo Romero won the renowned Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year Award.

With a powerful and fast style combined with the ability to skate large obstacles like hand rails and stairs, Leo Romero has built a name for himself with his video parts landing respected awards. Representing names such as Emerica, Toy Machine, Independent, Pig Wheels and more, Leo Romero also features his own signature line of Emerica skateboarding shoes and pro model Toy Machine skateboard decks. Combining hard work with natural talent, Leo Romero has earned his place among some of the most respected professionals in the industry.