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Louie Vito

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Louie Vito

Louie Vito


A well known heavy hitter in the world of halfpipe and superpipe Louie Vito is a professional snowboarder whose name is synonymous with snowboarding. Four-time Grand Prix Champion and defending two-time champion at the Winter Dew Tour, Louie Vito is a highly decorated snowboarder with four X Games Medals. In 2012 Louie Vito gained Olympian status when he represented America in the Vancouver Winter Olympics where he placed 5th amongst some of the world’s best riders. Louie Vito has a list of prestigious sponsors including Nike, G-Shock Watches, Spy Optics, Neff, Red Bull and more as well as starred on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009 and features his own web series with Red Bull TV.

Born in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio Louie Vito grew up in Bellefontaine, a short distance from Mad River Mountain ski resort where he learned to snowboard. He originally started on skis, but as soon as he tried snowboarding he was hooked and has been riding ever since. Louie Vito began to focus his life around snowboarding; leaving Ohio he attended Stratton Mountain School in Vermont to focus on snowboarding. At 17 years old Louie Vito turned pro after he landed a backside 1080 at the Australian Open winning the event. Ever since Louie Vito has been dominating the podiums of events like the X Games, Dew Tour and Grand Prix with his clean style and technical tricks, continually progressing the sport while landing some of the biggest names in sponsors such as Nike, Spy Optics, G-Shock and more.

Always committed to snowboarding, Louie Vito was featured in the 2011 “Body Issue” of ESPN Magazine for his vigorous training in endurance and strength to help his performance and air in the halfpie. At the beginning of 2012 Louie Vito and sponsor Red Bull released an online series called “Livin’ Louie Vito”, with episodes released every other week the series follows Louie Vito in his daily life as a professional snowboarder. Louie Vito also created a contest in his hometown at Mad River Mountain called “Louie Vito Rail Jams”, the contest was designed to help mentor children in snowboarding. Money is raised for the contest via auctions and food donations, with all the proceeds being donated to a local charity.

Louie Vito has made a name for himself with his effortless style, determination and talent, competing in the most esteemed events including the Winter Olympics, X Games, Dew Tour and Grand Prix. Representing names like Nike, G-Shock Watches, Spy Optics, Red Bull and more Louie Vito also has is own line of Spy sunglasses and custom colorway of Nike snowboard boots. Whether he is throwing down in a competition or bustin’ a move on the dance floor, Louie Vito continues to dominate everything he does, pushing himself and snowboarding to new heights.


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