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Matt Miller

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Matt Miller

Matt Miller


First gaining notoriety from his groundbreaking roles in skateboarding cinema, Matt Miller is a professional skateboarder who warrants respect from skateboarders everywhere with his never been done tricks and smooth style. With a strong work ethic and an aptitude for technical tricks, Street League skateboarder Matt Miller is sponsored by names such as Expedition, DC Shoes, Indy Trucks and more.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Matt Miller currently lives in Costa Mesa, California. Matt Miller has been skateboarding since he was a child and was able to land a kickflip within three days of first stepping foot onto a skateboard. With his natural skills, massive pop and technical style, Matt Miller can be seen in roles like “Few and Far Between”, Transworld’s “And Now”, Zoo York’s “State Of Mind” and DC Shoe’s exclusive web video “Skateboarding Is Forever” where there is no shortage of talent.

Matt Miller received the opportunity of a lifetime when the Street League pro tour announced that they had five open spots for the up coming 2012 Street League. At the time Matt was filming for a part in a skate video but elected to use some of the footage for his qualifying Selection video. In his Selection video Matt Miller did a switch heel backside nose bluntside, which had never been done before. With his remarkable tricks he impressed all and landed a spot on the 2012 Street League lineup. Matt Miller was part of DC Shoe’s Rediscover campaign where in his segment called DC Rediscover Opportunity he explains his dream to be competing in Street League and the efforts it took to get there. As part of the Expedition professional skateboarding team Matt Miller features a signature line of skateboard decks including the E Series Miller skateboard deck and the Miller NU Cali skateboard deck.

Rookie skateboarder in the Street League Matt Miller has earned his place with pioneering video parts in skateboarding cinema and natural talent. Representing sponsors like DC Shoes, Expedition skateboards and more, Matt Miller also features his own line of Expedition skateboard decks. With his technical style and determination Matt Miller is taking street skateboarding to all new levels.


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