Ceramic Bearings

Designed to ride smoother and faster, Ceramic Bearings are high performance ball bearings that are less affected by friction and heat to deliver a high quality and durable bearing that will keep you riding smooth and fast for longer. Unlike their name implies, ceramic bearings are not actually made out of ceramic, instead they utilize balls made out of a material called Silicon Nitride in place of steel. Silicon nitride balls offer numerous benefits to the performance of a skateboard bearing and are lighter, harder, smoother and stronger than steel balls or other common materials.

The lighter weight design and smooth surface properties of the ceramic ball bearings help to reduce outward force and friction that occur with other materials to deliver a faster spinning bearing that uses less energy to maintain speed. Though friction is still possible, the ceramic material will not expand or hinder the performance of the bearings or skateboard while you ride when friction is present, even during high rates of speed. Unlike their steel counterparts, ceramic bearings offer better thermal properties that help prevent heat build up which can weaken and degrade bearings over time. The lifespan of ceramic bearings can be extended with regular cleaning and consistent maintenance that will also prevent loss of speed and sticking.

Many name brand companies like Bones, Zero Skateboards and Rush Bearings offer their own models of ceramic bearings to deliver you the best in speed, performance and durability.