Bamboo Longboards

As longboarding continues to grow in popularity it's only fitting the materials and designs continue to progress with the sport. Bamboo longboards have seen a large increase in popularity due to their versatility, portability, and Eco-Friendly construction. Unlike traditional maple constructed longboards, Bamboo Longboards utilize bamboo in combination with other materials like fiberglass. The result is a dramatic weight reduction with slightly more flex and added strength creating a more portable and durable longboard. Bamboo Longboards are ideal for carving or simply cruising the streets for transportation thanks to their responsive flexibility and lightweight handling. Most Bamboo Longboards utilize a fiberglass sandwiched or wrapped construction to improve stability and flex at high speeds making Bamboo Longboards a versatile choice for riders of most all styles. Zumiez carries a wide range of Bamboo constructed longboards to help lighten your rides like the Eco-Friendly Arbor Timeless Bamboo 46" Pintail Longboard Complete or the more portable design of the Landyachtz Bamboo Stout 36" Longboard Complete. Bamboo Longboards are fully loaded with more spring, flex, strength and less weight to improve your rides so come by Zumiez today and check them out for yourself.