Drop Through Longboards

Drop Through mounted longboards are quickly increasing in popularity due to their stability at high speeds. Similar to a Drop Down, Drop Through longboards have a dropped platform that lowers your center of gravity to improve stability when bombing hills. However, Drop Through longboards have a slimmer and lighter construction and can be mounted directly underneath the deck with the trucks actually going through the wheelbase providing easier pushing, sliding, and control. If you need to get rid of speed wobbles so you can safely downhill race then you need a Drop Through Longboard. Zumiez carries a huge variety of Drop Through Longboards like the line of Arbor Axis 40" Drop Through Longboard Completes in multiple graphic options or the super fun Mercer Mystic Wolf 40" Drop Through Longboard. Come by and try out the full line of Drop Through Longboards at Zumiez today and see which one fits you best!