Top Mount Longboards

A Top Mount Longboard is the traditional mounting design where the trucks are mounted to the bottom of deck near the nose and tail like a traditional skateboard. Top Mount Longboards generally sit higher than a Drop Down or Drop Through providing easier and quicker turns with more grip but less stability and higher speeds. Many longboards utilize this mounting system for it's versatility and easy maintenance. Top Mount Longboards generally have milled wheel wells which reduce the risk and impact of wheel bite while you carve. Because these boards tend to be harder to control at high speeds they are usually intended for riders of higher skill levels who are more comfortable riding at high speeds. Grab a classic Arbor Fish 39" Pintail Longboard Complete or the Merger Geo Nature 38.125" Longboard Complete and experience the benefits yourself. Head over to Zumiez today and check out the entire selection of Top Mount Longboards!