Blank Skateboards

If you are strapped for cash you do not have to give up skateboarding, you can pick up a new Blank Skateboard at Zumiez. You will be covered in what ever size you are looking for. The blank skateboards are made with a 7-ply construction that will be able to take a beating.

You can choose from Powell Mini Logo's and ATM blank skateboard decks. The Mini Logo skateboards come in red, blue, green, and black and are available in 7.5", 7.625", 7.75", 7.875", 8.0", 8.25", and 8.5" wide.

The ATM skateboards come in an all black colorway with a custom skull and crossbones on the bottom. The ATM symbol comes in an assortment of colors. They are available in widths between 7.5" to 8.5".

If you need a quick replacement for your old worn out deck, pick up a new blank deck today.