Longboard Wheels

When it comes to longboarding there are few components that are as important to your riding pleasure as your longboard wheels. Longboard wheels allow you to move and determine how fast you go, how easily and far you slide, as well as how smooth your ride will be. Several factors go into buying the proper longboard wheels for your needs like sizing, durometer, shape, core, and contact patch size. A good rule of thumb for sizing is the smaller the wheel the quicker the acceleration but slower speed, while larger wheels get up to speed slower and are designed for rougher roads. The durometer—or hardness rating—of a wheel provides grip and smooths out those rough surfaces. Softer longboard wheels (lower durometer rating) are ideal for rougher surfaces and grip well while a harder longboard wheel (higher durometer rating) provides excellent speed with slightly less grip for smoother surfaces. Other important features of longboard wheels include shape like a squared edge, beveled edge, or a rounded. Generally, a thick or square edge provides more grip wile a rounded edge allows easier slide initiation. Longboard wheels are loaded with technical features and specific designs to help you tailor fit your wheels to your needs and improve your rides. Check out the full selection of Longboard Wheels at Zumiez today and get rolling in smooth style!