Snowboard Stomp Pads

Stomp pads are an added accessory to make your snowboarding experience complete. You take your stomp pad and place it between the bindings, closer to the rear binding, and the textured surface of the stomp pad allows you to control the board better when you only have one of your boots strapped in (like when you're getting on the lift or riding a tow). Because the upper surface of your snowboard is ultra smooth, stomp pads have a textured pattern to give you grip for your boot.

Stomp pads come in a large variety of shapes and styles, but they all serve the same purpose, so choose based on what would look best with your snowboard, and what you like best in style. Zumiez carries stomp pads from some of the top brands in snowboard gear, like Burton, DaKine, Neff, and more. Once you're on the mountain, getting over to the lift, and your stomp pad is in place, you'll know why you're happy you grabbed a stomp pad at Zumiez.