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Women's Basic Hoodies

Trying to stay away from becoming a walking billboard with your hoodie of choice or just love simple yet comfortable basic hoodies? This is the page for you! Zumiez has a wide selection of basic hoodies with style and functionality all while keeping you warm! Brands ranging from Zine, Empyre and Aperture (some of the Zumiez exclusive basic hoodie brands) to Obey, Burton, Neff, Ninth Hall, and the very popular Naketano, just to name a few of our basic hoodies. These basic hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts are an easy way to show your personality and still have superior style.

You might only wear basic hoodies occasionally when the weather permits or you could be a basic hoodie fean like so many of us are. It's hard to leave the house without a basic hoodie to stay cozy and warm throughout those potentially drafty days! Whether you are running out for a quick jaunt to the store or maybe going for an actual run, you want to be warm and comfy while staying snug! Stay warm out there people but still look snazzy with these fantastic basic hoodies for women!