Applying grip tape to your own skateboard is easy to do and can be done in less than 3 minutes. Tools Needed: Skateboard deck Grip tape A Bastard cut file A thin Phillips screwdriver Razor blade Step 1 Place your skateboard deck on a smooth, flat, hard surface with the graphics down without the trucks attached. You will be placing your grip tape on the top of your skateboard. First remove the paper backing from grip tape to reveal the sticky underside. Keep the paper backing to protect your hands when smoothing the grip tape onto the skateboard as described in the next step. Step 2 Hold the grip tape over the center of the skateboard deck sticky side down. Let the grip tape bow a little in the middle so the grip tape adheres to the center of the deck. Slowly and carefully allow the grip tape to cover the entire deck in a manner that prevents air bubbles. Now place the paper backing on top of grip tape and starting from the center of the deck begin smoothing out the grip tape from center to edge and nose to tail. Once you have feel the grip tape is secure remove the paper backing. Inspect the grip tape for any air bubbles that may have gotten trapped underneath. Use your razor blade to pop them like a zit and smooth them out. Step 3 Using your preferred metal shaft (we like a new Bastard Cut file) drag your implement around the edge of the skateboard deck. Rub hard enough to create a white trace or outline of your deck. The goal here is to remove the grit from the grip tape on the edge of the skateboard while ensuring great adhesion. Step 4 Create an entry point into the grip tape by slicing a right angle into the grip tape. Now at the point of entry hold your razor blade at a 45-degree and lightly press it against the side of the skateboard deck. Drag the razor blade around the edge of the skateboard deck effortlessly by gently pulling the razor towards you. The razor blade should move with little resistance. If your angle is too steep or pressure too deep you can cut into the deck. Go ask your mum or dad for help. Step 5 Next smooth out the rough edges with your Bastard Cut file or chosen metal shaft. Step 6 Finally flip the skateboard deck over so the graphics are up and insert a screwdriver into the deck holes so that you can mount your trucks with hardware.