Captions: so one of the most important things you're gonna want to remember is to 0:18always quacks or snow were definitely didn't get shape and keep it going fast 0:23you know you're going to be that kid out there that's going slower than all the 0:25skiers you want to pass the skiers and spray the skiers so again way to know if 0:31you're bored is in need of a wax job is this going to have white spots all over 0:36it and that means it's dry order says freezer burn because of snow so-called 0:40so that's when you know it's a good time the wax and to just get some blacks in 0:44those freezer spots so what you don't want to do is skittish softball relax 0:49yourself of these alliance here also the right behind his essential as well 0:54hit appear on an 0:56just enough so it's not smoking if you see it smoking then it's too hot 1:00and then you just hold 1:02the wax on iron and then you'll see it's start 1:06dribbling down on your board bear they just go down the air dj 1:11go down the other day reg 1:13they're kinda just make will criss-cross exacts down the middle 1:20we need to do 1:21vicious dragged that iron nice and slow 1:24all the way down the line 1:27until all the lapses melted 1:29you never really want to keep the iron in the same place 1:32roster gonna burn your board and 1:35it's never so keep the higher moving nice and slow you'll see the wax 1:39stockton melt into the core 1:41all waxes have a different temperature gauge on it so this one is cold wax and 1:45it has the actual temperature in fahrenheit twenty three two twelve 1:48degrees fahrenheit or if you just want to keep the easy they have all tempt 1:52relax 1:53which is decent aside to be as good as you know the designated wax but it'll do 1:57the trick 2:00and they just keep doing that for a loop and then 2:03you get to go you can let it 2:05cool overnight and then scrape it in the morning with 2:08one of the scrapers 2:10and basically just scrape all the wax off 2:14scrawny kid style wax on wax off 2:18just make sure there's no more lax on there 2:21and then got yourself on the usual brillo pads here then just clean it off 2:25ill still be some little 2:27little wax on their purchase clean it off men once that saw cleaned up ready 2:32to go 2:33you get yourself a little brushes 2:36and start from tip to tell and then just kind of 2:40make lines from the mattel because when you're under snowboard 2:44snow's going to be starting from here and don't care tailed so 2:47mitchell's groups of smoking 2:50ripped through it