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Souvenir Jackets

Souvenir jackets were first introduced by American serviceman when they returned to the US after being stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, during World War II. While overseas, some of the American GIs had the idea to have local tailors embroider their military grade bomber jackets with geishas, eagles, cherry blossoms, dragons and unique designs — which is exactly how the garment got its name. By taking a symbol of war (their jackets) and turning them into a souvenir, the souvenir jacket was born.

You'll find a wide variety of the latest souvenir jackets from the best streetwear brands at Zumiez, like EPTM., American Stitch, Straight To Hell, The Hundreds, and other top souvenir jacket brands. Each of which has a large selection of satin bomber souvenir jacket designs such as tigers, eagles, snakes, roses and more. Not sure how souvenir jackets fit? Don't sweat it. Stop by your local Zumiez store to try one on, or order yours online today with easy return options.