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Chaz Ortiz

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Chaz Ortiz

Chaz Ortiz


Often labeled the future of street skateboarding, Chaz Ortiz is a young professional skateboarder with insane talent and consistent style that makes him a contender to any podium. Sponsored by Zoo York Skateboards, FDK, Bones Wheels, Gatorade Chaz Ortiz also has his own line of signature Zoo York skateboard decks. Known for his outstanding performances in competitions and events like Street League, Chaz Ortiz has also had some notable roles in skateboarding cinema.

Born in 1994 in Chicago, Illinois Chaz Ortiz got his start skateboarding at the age of 6 when his father bought him a skateboard. By the time he was 13 he had already won his first amateur contest. Gaining a reputation from dominating competitions, Chaz Ortiz became the youngest person to take first place at the Dew Tour Championships, winning it again in 2010. Chaz Ortiz has also competed in the X Games placing fourth for two consecutive years and placing first at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. Following his list of wins at renowned events, Chaz Ortiz received a signature line of Zoo York skateboard decks, a huge accomplishment for any professional skateboarder.

With undeniable talent and precision Chaz Ortiz was invited to compete in the Street League Pro Tour, and has competed the three years it has been operating. Skating every stop of Street League including the championships, Chaz Ortiz placed fourth in both 2010 and 2011, and third in the 2012 championship, ranking fourth overall in every year of Street League. In the New Jersey stop in the 2011 Street League Chaz Ortiz became part of the 9’s Club when he landed a nollie bigspin heelflip to backslide with absolute perfection. Outside of the competition circuit Chaz Ortiz has also been featured in skateboarding videos such as Zoo York’s “State Of Mind” and Paul Rodriguez’s “PROOF”. His most recent role was with sponsor Zoo York Skateboards in a solo part called “The Chaz Ortiz Video” where he displays his insane talent and smooth style.

No matter if he is filming for an upcoming role in a skateboard video, or reigning champion in competitions, Chaz Ortiz is a skateboarding force to be reckoned with. Three-time Street League competitor is skating for names like Zoo York, FDK, Bones Wheels, Gatorade and more as well as features a signature line of skateboard decks. A constant threat to the podiums, up and coming Chaz Ortiz is giving seasoned professionals a run for their money.


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