Chima Ferguson

Hailing from the land down under, Chima Ferguson is a professional skateboarder with a dynamic style who is not afraid to charge hard and go big. Sponsored by , , , , and , Chima Ferguson also features his own pro model series of Real skateboard decks. Landing a ton of coverage in magazines including some covers, Chima Ferguson has also had a few noteworthy roles in skateboarding cinema.

Born in 1989 in Sydney, Australia Chima Ferguson got his start skateboarding as a kid; his first set-up was a skateboard from a superstore with plastic trucks. Since his days as a young whipper snapper tearing up the streets of Sydney, Chima has since upgraded riding for some of the biggest names in skateboarding. In 2005 Chima Furguson became a professional for Volcom and Vans Shoes as part of their legendary skateboarding teams. He was able to land a spot on the Real Skateboard team by sending in footage of himself pulling off technical tricks on a variety of features, displaying his versatility and talent as a skateboarder. After transitioning to a professional skateboarder Chima Ferguson had some notable roles in videos like Volcom’s “Let’s Live”, a variety or tour videos and his most recent role in Real Skateboard’s “Since Day One”. In 2007 Chima Ferguson won SLAM Magazine’s award for Australian Skater of the Year, one of the most honorable awards an Australian skateboarder can receive.

In 2012 Chima Ferguson was one of the professionals chosen to compete in the Street League Selection contest, where skateboarders submit footage voted by the fans for a spot in Street League. Though Chima Ferguson’s Selection video with the Berrics did not make the top five, Chima continues to push himself and skateboarding and is preparing for an upcoming role in Vans’ first full length skate video. Chima Ferguson is also featured in Real Skateboards Pushing campaign where in the Pushing Washington DC segment Chima Ferguson and other members from the Real team ride around the nation’s capital.

With a technical skills and a versatile style that he brings to everything he does, Chima Ferguson is constantly pushing himself and skateboarding. Representing some of the biggest names in the industry such as Real Skateboards, Vans Shoes, Volcom and more, Chima Ferguson is also the recipient of the prestigious SLAM Magazine’s Australian Skater of the Year award. Making some of the most difficult tricks seem easy, Chima Ferguson is paving the way for a bright career in skateboarding.