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Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt


Bringing creativity to the natural terrain of the backcountry, Jake Blauvelt is a professional snowboarder who is on a never ending search for the perfect ride. With a style that is constantly evolving and an always composed demeanor Jake Blauvelt takes his inspiration from the terrain he rides and the people he rides with. With unmatched talent Jake Blauvelt has accumulated sponsors such as Ride Snowboards, Oakley, Adidas Footwear and more, as well as signature line of Ride Snowboards, Oakley Apparel and Adidas snow boots.

Born in 1986 in Waterbury, Vermont Jake Blauvelt currently calls Bellingham, Washington home. Starting out his professional snowboarding career competing in contests around his hometown, Jake Blauvelt was able to clench a win in Slopestyle at the US Open in 2004. Since his early days as a professional, Jake Blauvelt has since turned the focus from the park to the backcountry. Combining the different styles of snowboarding Jake Blauvelt is known for his ability to throw big tricks off natural features and ride just about any obstacle. His smooth and effortless style landed him on Snowboard Magazine’s list of Top 10 Riders of 2009 and 2010.

Jake Blauvelt has been featured in a variety of snowboarding films and has had two internet series. In 2010 his first web series “Blauvelt’s Backcountry” was released following in 2011 with “Jake Blauvelt Naturally”, both highlight Jake’s excursions with friends riding insane terrain, deep powder and big drops. Jake Blauvelt won Transworld’s Online Video Part of the Year Award in 2011 for “Naturally”. His ability to ride all natural terrain and throw big tricks landed him an invitation to compete with 17 other riders in Red Bull’s Supernatural. The first competition of its kind Supernatural is a course designed to mix the park with the backcountry. With each rider getting two runs with the best score used in the overall ranking, Jake Bluavelt placed seventh in the event.

Having had two successful web series, “Blauvelt’s Backcountry” and “Jake Blauvelt’s Naturally” it’s easy to see why he was awarded Best Online Video Part and two-time top rider of the year. Sponsored by names like Ride Snowboards, Oakley, Adidas and more Jake features his own signature line of Ride Berzerker snowboards, Oakley outwear and apparel and Adidas shoes. With a smooth style and creative approach to huge features and natural terrain Jake Blauvelt is continually progressing snowboarding as we know it.