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Jimmy Carlin

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Jimmy Carlin

Jimmy Carlin


Jimmy Carlin is a professional skateboarder with a standout personality and unique style. Not one to take things too seriously Jimmy Carlin is a skater full of energy which he brings to everything he does. Jimmy Carlin has been in notable roles in films such as Mysetery Skateboard’s “Color Theory” and his role as Battle Commander in the Berrics website. Building his reputation off his roles, Jimmy Carlin has been able to land sponsors like Mystery Skateboards, Fallen Footwear, Omit Apparel, Ricta wheels and more.

Born and raised in Coronado, California Jimmy Carlin got his start as a kid in the world of competitions as competitive jump roper. Though he has since moved on to skateboarding, he has mentioned before that the first ever trick he named was a jump rope trick. Jimmy Carlin gained recognition in skateboarding with his role in Osiris’s “Feed the Need”, where at the end of his part he does a flawless nollie double heel flip. Later he featured parts in other skateboarding videos such as Mystery Skateboard’s “Black and White” and “Color Theory”. In his introduction in Mystery’s “Black and White” Jimmy Carlin shows off his notorious jump rope skills. Jimmy Carlin was chosen to be a Battle Commander at the Berrics in 2011, wanting to make his Battle Commander video memorable Jimmy thought outside of the box with his choice of music and special guest the “sexy sax man”. His role as Battle Commander landed him a spot with the Fallen Footwear skateboard team.

In 2012 Jimmy Carlin was one of the professional skateboarders selected to participate in Street League’s Selection contest, where pros submit in footage of them skateboarding and are then voted by the fans on who competes in the Street League pro tour. With 10 American skateboarders and only five open spots, Jimmy Carlin’s Selection video on the Berrics website earned him a spot in the 2012 Street League along with 23 of the best skateboarders. With a spot in Street League and teams such as Mystery and Fallen, Jimmy Carlin was handpicked by Chris Cole, founder of Omit Clothing, to be the first skateboarder to join the Omit professional team. Among the work he has done with his prestigious sponsors, Jimmy Carlin currently has an ad with Fallen Footwear promoting their documentary "Road Less Traveled". In Jimmy's part in the upcoming film, he travels with the members of the Fallen team to skateboard in Portugal.

Whether he is competing in his first ever Street League or filming for an upcoming video part, Jimmy Carlin continues to bring his energetic personality and unique style to skateboarding. Skating for names like Mystery Skateboards, Fallen Footwear, Omit Clothing, Ricta Wheels and more he has also held it down in his famed parts in skateboarding cinema such as Battle Commander on the Berrics website. Combining talent and comedy Jimmy Carlin is quickly becoming a fan favorite.


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