Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson is a professional skateboarder with a unique and smooth style that he brings to everything he does, from his notable roles to his innovative designs on skate shoes. Kenny Anderson features his own line of pro model Chocolate skateboard decks and signature series of Converse skateboarding shoes as well.

Hailing from Redlands, California Kenny Anderson started out as an amateur for Converse turning pro in 1997 as part of their skateboard team. Kenny Anderson stayed with Converse until 2001 when the company ended its skateboard team to do some restructuring. In need of a new shoe sponsor Kenny Anderson joined with Adio releasing a variety of video parts, but has since returned to Converse and now has his own pro model signature shoe, the Converse CONS KA-One OX. For the launch of his new shoe Converse and Kenny Anderson made a short promotional piece called “L.A. to Las Vegas” where Kenny Anderson manuals for the almost the entirety of the video making four seem like an excess number of wheels.

Known for his “different” take on roles, Kenny Anderson was recently featured with two other professional skateboarders in the Doors’ music video for “L.A. Woman”. For the music video Kenny Anderson and fellow riders teamed up to film in a variety of locations in Los Angeles that had historical significance for the band such as Venice Beach, Hollywood Bowl and Sunset Strip. His most recent part was in Girl and Chocolate Skateboard’s collaboration film “Pretty Sweet”. For his part in “Pretty Sweet” Kenny Anderson did not travel with the Chocolate or Girl teams to film but instead submitted a compilation of different clips he had accumulated skateboarding around the world.

Kenny Anderson’s undeniable talent and smooth style has landed him sponsors like Converse, Chocolate Skateboards, Bones, Independent and more as well as a signature line of skateboarding shoes with converse and personalized Chocolate skateboard decks. With his unique take to skateboarding via roles or shoe designs, Kenny Anderson is a true skateboarding individual that keeps everyone wondering what he is going to do next.