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Luan Oliveira

Luan Oliveira


Luan Oliveira is a Brazilian skateboarding powerhouse with trick combos so insane they seem near impossible. His fearless demeanor and technical tricks makes him a contender to any podium and event he competes. Luan Oliveira’s skills have taken him to events like Street League and the X Games, and have landed him sponsors such as Flip Skateboards, Nike SB, Volcom, Matriz Skate Shop and more.

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1990, Luan Oliveira began skating at 9 years old when his Grandfather brought him home a skateboard from the supermarket. After he learned to ride the skateboard, he was hooked, and so began his life as a skateboarder. International sensation Luan Oliveira was discovered by Geoff Rowley and Flip skateboards. In 2008 and 2009 Luan won the Tampa Am competition, becoming the first skateboarder ever to have two consecutive wins. Shortly after his wins in Florida Luan Oliveira was featured in Flip Skateboard's video “Extremely Sorry” where he turned heads and dropped jaws with his tricks that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

Following his two consecutive wins at the Tampa Am and groundbreaking role in Flip’s “Extremely Sorry” Luan turned professional with the Flip Skateboard team in 2010. In the same year Luan was invited to participate in the first ever Street League pro tour, but was unable to compete due to an injury. In 2011 Luan was able to skate two out of the three Street League stops and in 2012 he took 6th place overall. Luan Oliveira also has competed in the X Games where in 2011 he placed second and took home the silver medal. Aside from competitions Luan Oliveira has also been in a variety of internet clips such as Volcom’s series showing Luan skating the streets of his home country, and Flip Skateboards and Matriz Skateshop’s video of Luan skating and explaining the story behind the Flip x Matriz skateboard deck. Recently in 2012 Luan Oliveira became the newest member to join the Nike SB team.

Originating from the streets of Brazil Luan Oliveria has taken the skateboarding world by storm. Riding for teams like Nike SB, Volcom, Flip Skateboards and more Luan has impressed the world with his technical trick combinations and ability to conquer any obstacle in front of him. Exploding onto the scene skating events such as Street League, Luan Oliveria is taking skateboarding to all new levels.


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