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A comedian in the world of skateboarding Street League skater Mike Mo Capaldi takes the meaning of technical to a whole new level. Sponsored by names like DC Shoes, Girl Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Spitfire Wheels and more, as well as co-founder of Glassy Sunhater Sunglasses, he is known for his proficiency in ledge, handrail and flat ground tricks.

Hailing from Simi Valley, California Mike Mo Capaldi has been skating since he was 9 years old with his brother Vince. Mike Mo Capaldi made his debut in street skateboarding with his groundbreaking video performances such as Paul Rodriguez’s “Forecast” where at 16 years old he gained notice for his undeniable talent in hand rail and flip tricks. He is most well known for his opening role in Lakai and Girl Skateboard’s “Fully Flared” where he did a variety of new technical tricks that had never been done before making them all seem effortless. Mike Mo Capaldi also stars in Girl Skateboard and Chocolate Skateboard’s film “Pretty Sweet” where there is no shortage of talent. Aside prominent roles in street skateboarding cinema, Mike Mo Capaldi has an impressive history in the competitive circuit as a three time competitor in Street League, 2011 winner of the Zumiez 24-7 Award and winner of the first ever Battle at the Berrics.

In late 2011 Mike Mo Capaldi joined up with DC Shoes and DC Apparel as part of DC’s Rediscover Campaign which was aimed at reintroducing the DC skateboarding team featuring its newest members. Mike Mo Capalid also has his own line of Girl skateboard decks including decks like Girl Mike Mo Real Big skateboard deck and Mike Mo Capaldi Pretty Sweet skateboard deck, as well as signature model Spitfire skateboard wheels and Royal skateboard trucks. In 2012 Mike Mo and brother Vince created their own brand of sunglasses called Glassy Sunhaters which currently sponsors some of the biggest names in skateboarding.

Making some of the most technical skateboarding tricks look easier than walking, Mike Mo Capaldi is a skateboarding force to be reckoned with. Representing names like DC Shoes, Girl Skateboards and more Mike Mo also co-owns Glassy Sunhaters. Whether he is throwing down in the Street League tour, or shredding it up in films such as “Pretty Sweet”, DC and Girl skateboard rider Mike Mo Capaldi has a talent and style that keeps us all watching.


Girl, Royal, Mob Grip, Bone Swiss, DC, Fillmore, Diamond, Spitfire Wheels

Mini 24-7 Award

SLS Winner