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PJ Ladd

PJ Ladd


A complete master of flatground tricks and practically everything else, PJ Ladd is a professional skateboarder who is a force to be reckoned with. His undeniable talent makes him a contender at contests like the Battle at the Berrics. PJ Ladd is sponsored by Plan B Skateboards, Bones Bearings, Venture Trucks and Diamond Supply Co and features his own signature line of Plan B skateboard decks and apparel. His undeniable skills have landed him a variety of roles where he continually displays his talent and innovation.

PJ Ladd, which stands for Patrick John Ladd, was born in 1982 in Rockland, Massachusetts and started skating when he was 8 years old. In 2002 a shop in Boston called Coliseum released a video of PJ Ladd called “PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life” where he drew the attention of many sponsors for his technical skills. In the following year PJ Ladd featured a part in Flip Skateboard’s “Really Sorry”; unlike other roles in skateboarding videos PJ Ladd’s part did not feature music. In his introduction for his role there was a title that read “Silence Is Golden” to preface his performance without a soundtrack. PJ Ladd has also had a variety of video parts such as Transworld’s “Cruisin’ NYC with PJ Ladd” and Brickharbor’s “A Cloudy Cruise with PJ Ladd” where he returns to Boston to explore new skate spots.

A complete threat in any game of SKATE, PJ Ladd has been a regular contender in the Battle at the Berrics contest. In the third and forth Battle at the Berrics PJ Ladd made it to the final round where both years he took second place. In the recent Battle at the Berrics V PJ Ladd beat former champion Mike Mo Capaldi for his first victory at the Berrics. In 2010 PJ Ladd was one of the 24 professionals selected to compete at the Street League Pro Tour. In his first year at Street League PJ Ladd placed 16th overall. In his second season at Street League PJ Ladd only skated two stops due to an injury and wasn’t able to qualify for the championships, placing 21st overall.

Completely devoted to skateboarding PJ Ladd has completely centered his life around it. Skating for names such as Plan B Skateboards, Venture, Bones, Diamond and more, PJ Ladd also features his own signature pro model series of Plan B skateboard decks. Whether he is competing in SKATE contests like Battle at the Berrics, or filming for an upcoming role, PJ Ladd is constantly bringing his innovation to skateboarding.


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