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Skateboard Helmets & Pads

25% off helmets with purchase of any longboard or cruiser.
Helmets & Pads

Zumiez is the place to find a wide selection of helmets and protective gear for skateboarding, longboarding, or even riding your bike. With a range of protective helmets and pads you are sure to find the right fit and amount of protection that your looking to get from brands like Pro-Tec, Triple 8, Bern, S-One, and Sector 9. All action sports come with risks and Zumiez what you need is to reduce that amount of risk by offering the best quality protection that money can buy from helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, elbow pads, slider gloves, and more. Protecting your body and brain a good idea no matter if you are riding vert, learning how, or just cruising around. Don't wait until you get broken off, shop Zumiez to protect yourself with a skateboard helmet and pads.