Drop Down Longboards

Today, longboards come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials to help improve and tailor fit your riding experience. A common type of longboard is the Drop Down or Drop Platform longboard. These boards have a dropped platform that lowers your center of gravity to improve stability at any speed and are mainly intended for freeriding. This dropped platform also allows riders to initiate slides with greater ease because they are lower to the ground. Because of the enhanced stability Drop Down Longboards are great for beginners who are still trying to improve their balance. Zumiez carries a wide range of Drop Down longboards like the line of Landyachtz Switch 35" Drop Down Longboard Completes in multiple graphic options or the ultra responsive Santa Cruz Street Creep 36.52" Micro Drop Down Longboard Complete. Hurry up and get riding by checking out the full selection of Drop Down Longboards at Zumiez today!